Member of Merkel’s Party CDU Blocked by Facebook

Felix Maximilian Leidecker, deputy chief of a regional entity of Merkel’s CDU and head of their Youth organisation in the City of Mainz, has been blocked by Facebook for 30 days because of ‘hate speech’.

Leidecker documented and criticised texts by Islamist Facebook site ‘Freiheit für Palästina’ (Freedom for Palestine), which is probably run by Salafist Bilal G. He says the site incites to hatred and even calls for mass murder of the Jews. His offence was talking negatively about these aggressions.

Facebook deleted two of the controversial Islamist posts, another one is still online.

Leidecker and other users reported the anti-Semitic content to the social network and were told that they don’t violate the community standards. Because the politician runs two sites, an official and a private one, he tried to raise awareness on the network’s double standard with the account he was left with. That account was swiftly closed down, too.


via Zu sehr gegen Antisemitismus engagiert: Facebook sperrt Profile des CDU-Politikers Felix Maximilian Leidecker — philosophia perennis

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