Blogging about Polls is Pointless

It is extremely hard to get information on what the government does since German mainstream media is completely occupied with White House yellow press stories like the Putin Trump G20 meeting that turned out to be a dinner organised by Merkel herself. I don’t even bother to read these stories anymore.

Low budget conservatives therefore come around to endlessly report on talkshows (our state TV runs one each day on average) or they report on the shifts in polls.

You may wonder why I refrain from the latter as it is short before the General Election. The reason is that there are no shifts. No party gains or loses more than four or five per cent since the last election and the system of relative representation is so overchallenged with the no-discussion-between-milieus culture that elections lose any meaning.

Bloggers’ eyes are on the only conservative party AfD, yet not all openly admit it since sympathisers are generally bullied. Said party will move into parliament later this year for the first time. This is because a party must gather more than 5% of the votes to gain seats. Last election, and the first after the party was founded, they failed to achieve that.

As matters are AfD are not going to participate in any real legislature or decision making process. They are allowed to discuss matters with other MPs in committees and in the plenum. That is all there is. Otherwise they will be ignored.

That’s why I safely ignore the polls. Merkel’s power remains unchallenged.


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