Lybia Given Money to Stop Migration

Italy demands that NGOs who effectively engage in human trafficking on the Mediterranean Sea should be forced to keep transponder signalling on to allow their location.

Furthermore are their ships expected to operate outside Lybian sea.

The EU is expected to hand 45 million Euro to the barely functioning Lybian government de facto only in control of the nation’s capitol so they can build up a border patrol.

That money will go straight into black accounts.

Italy asks her fellow EU countries to accommodate more refugees and take the ballast from them.

Slowly but surely EU conceives the idea that migrants picked up on sea may be sent back to Lybia and not be accustomed in Italy. However, EU still demands accommodations for refugees built in 3,000 places across Italy.

Umgang mit Mittelmeer-Flüchtlingen: Italien bleibt allein — –


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